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Living Your Life As You’d Always Dreamed

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Retiring to the West

If your dreams for retirement involve exploration, adventure, and finding your own path, your next chapter of life might be waiting to be written in the wide-open spaces of the New West.

Imagine a view from the dining room window that stretches to mountains on the horizon, or looks down a valley sprinkled with stands of trees – and often visits from local wildlife. That’s what welcomes retirees in the West, and the land provides opportunities for exploration and hobbies unattainable in cities or suburbs.

“We wanted privacy, we wanted lots of peace and quiet,” says Phil, who retired to a remote home he and his wife Cheryl built on ranchland. “Almost every day, I get up in the morning, I come out here on the porch and look out and say ‘this is so great.’” Read Phil’s story

For Phil and other retirees, moving to western ranchland is about more than aesthetics – it’s about adopting an entirely new way of life on their own terms, without sacrificing the things most important to people in retirement.

An affordable place to live

For many retirees, affordability is a key to stretching their retirement dollars as far as they can go. Fortunately, Western ranchland can offer an exceptional bang for your buck.

Ranchland can go for as little as $1,000 or less an acre, making it realistic to acquire a large parcel. Parcels as small as an acre may be available, too. There are properties to match any budget, and some people purchase the property and build their retirement home over years, spreading the costs. Property taxes are typically low or even non-existent, and up-front investments in electricity generation or wells mean low-cost service for years to come.

“When we were looking, we thought maybe this would be a weekend getaway or secondary home,” Phil said. “But then we started thinking, maybe we would just build and retire here. We grew this property week by week.”

Great climate, landscapes and communities

The west and southwest have always been popular destinations for retirees because of their abundant sun, pleasantly dry climate and access to recreation and popular travel destinations. Depending where you live and the altitude, you may enjoy changing seasons or regular warmth.

For Gary and Diana, retiring to a 40-acre ranch offered everything they wanted, day and night. “When it gets dark, its beautiful,” Gary said. “One night I came home from dinner, and there was the Big Dipper coming up on the horizon like you could reach out and grab it.” Read Gary and Diana’s story

Gary and Diana also like traveling in their RV, and their location in the west lets them use their home as a jumping off point for trips. The Rocky Mountain states, from Wyoming to Arizona, are home to more than a dozen spectacular national parks and scores of state parks and wilderness areas for campers and travelers.

“We come and go as we please,” said Diana. “Sometimes it’s nice not having any plans, or saying ‘Where to next month?’ We’ll never see it all, but we’ve seen so much.”

Live your dreams your way

If your idea of an active retired life is heavy on the outdoors, having your own ranchland might be the perfect fit. With many parcels to choose from, retirees can choose to be close to their nearest town or neighbor or get as far away as they want.

When they are home, Gary and Diana get to enjoy the sights and activities available on their property, including biking, hiking, four-wheeling and shooting. They go to a nearby reservoir for kayaking, and when their desires are more social, they drive 20 minutes to a nearby small city of 55,000.

“I’m a city girl, so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle the quiet,” said Diana. “But I love the peacefulness, and I haven’t had to be 100% country girl.”

The access you want

“Remote, but not distant” – that’s how Phil describes his living situation. With modern communications, he is never cut off from family, and maintained roads make it easy to welcome visitors.

With many ranches offering land, retirees can balance their land choice to their needs and wants. Some parcels have electricity and phone connected, others don’t. Some are an hour or more from the nearest town, others mere minutes.

“We enjoy having neighbors on the other side of the hills,” Phil says. “We have people who come out periodically, and we visit with them and cook out. We help them, they help us. It feels a lot like how people say communities used to be.”

Find Your Place

Whatever lifestyle you’re looking for, we can help you find ranchland where you will find it.

Stagecoach Trails
Near Yucca, Arizona
Stagecoach Ranch
Located in northwestern Arizona halfway between Kingman and the California border, Stagecoach Trails at Santa Fe Ranch is a community of about 130,000 acres of land over a large abundant aquifer. With its dry, desert climate, the property is situated at the base of the majestic Hualapai Mountains and features gentle sloping terrain that moves into some foothills and boulder outcroppings. Large parcels of approximately 40 acres are available.
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Kaibab High
Near Williams, Arizona
Stagecoach Ranch
Kaibab High is on the road to Grand Canyon National Park, less than an hour south of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Located just 15 miles from the charming town of Williams, Arizona, Kaibab High offers true country lifestyle with city convenience. The scenic 1-acre parcels offer a private yet affordable retreat where you can enjoy cool, clean mountain air, the scent of juniper pine trees and visits from elk, deer and other wildlife.
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Spring Flower Ranch
Near Williams, Arizona
Stagecoach Ranch
Located 30 miles west of Flagstaff near the town of Williams, Spring Flower Ranch sits near 1,114 miles of Forest Service roads, several parks, campgrounds and six fantastic lakes, making it one of Arizona's best recreation destinations for exploring, hiking, biking, four-wheeling, camping, horseback riding, fishing and boating. Great golfing is also available at Elephant Rocks golf course, considered to be one of Arizona's best and most scenic golf course destinations. Parcels are 2.5 acres or larger, and all have electric and phone service.
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Legend Ranch
Near Kingman, Arizona
Stagecoach Ranch
Legend Ranch in Golden Valley offers the very best of northwest Arizona in a private yet accessible location. Located just west of the city of Kingman, a city known as a major stop on the historic Route 66, Legend Ranch is a short drive from Lake Mohave, home to some of the area’s best fishing, and has easy access to Las Vegas and Phoenix. The area boasts excellent outdoor recreation in the nearby Hualapai and McCracken mountains, in the Lake Havasu area, or on the Colorado River.
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